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The Loyal and Legendary Rough Collie Dog Breed: A Guide to Caring for this Loyal and Affectionate Breed
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The Loyal and Legendary Rough Collie Dog Breed

by CareTips Dog
The Loyal and Legendary Rough Collie Dog Breed

The Rough Collie dog breed is an elegant herding dog made famous by works of literature and film for their devotion, intelligence and iconic beauty.

Introduction The Rough Collie Dog Breed

The Rough Collie originated centuries ago in the Scottish Highlands and Welsh mountain regions where they excelled at herding sheep and cattle. Their lithe frames allowed them to nimbly cover rocky terrain while their swiftness was useful for gathering scattered livestock. Today, Collies are mild-mannered family companions with a loyal and protective streak.

Adaptability ★★★★

Adapts Well To Apartment Living ★★
Good For Novice Owners ★★★★
Sensitivity Level ★★
Tolerates Being Alone ★★
Tolerates Cold Weather ★★★★★
Tolerates Hot Weather ★★

All-around friendliness ★★★★

Affectionate With Family ★★★★★
Kid Friendly ★★★★★
Dog Friendly ★★★★
Friendly Toward Strangers ★★★★

Health and Grooming ★★

Amount of Shedding ★★
Drooling Potential
Easy To Groom
General Health ★★★
Potential For Weight Gain ★★★
Size ★★

Trainability ★★★★

Easy To Train ★★★★
Intelligence ★★★★★
Potential For Mouthiness
Prey Drive
Tendency To Bark or Howl ★★★
Wanderlust Potential

Exercise Needs ★★★

Energy Level ★★★
Intensity ★★
Exercise Needs ★★★
Potential For Playfulness ★★★

  • Appearance: Medium-sized dog with a long wedge-shaped head, almond-shaped eyes, and tipped ears. Have a proud stance and sweet expression.
  • Characteristics: Graceful, devoted, highly intelligent and eager to please. Gentle and affectionate.
  • Popularity: 16th most popular breed by AKC registration statistics.
  • Temperament: Loyal, responsive and willing to obey. Protective of family but rarely aggressive.
  • Lifespan: 12-14 years
  • Coat Colors: Black, white, sable, tricolor, blue merle and white; white collar, chest, legs, tail tip and sometimes white blaze on face.
  • Purebred: Yes, the Rough Collie is a purebred descended from ancient Scottish and Welsh herding dogs.

Caring for a Rough Collie


  • High-quality commercial dog food suitable for medium/large active breeds
  • Lean meat and fish proteins for strong muscles
  • Supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health


  • Safely fenced yard for roaming and play
  • Ample opportunities for daily exercise
  • Proper shelter from temperature extremes

Care: Provide them with mental stimulation, consistent training, grooming, and quality time interacting with the family.

Grooming: Brush their thick double coat weekly. Bathe and trim nails as needed. Check ears and teeth regularly.

Preparing for a Rough Collie

  • Give them lots of attention, activity, and obedience training from puppyhood.
  • Prepare to brush and vacuum up lots of hair from their profuse coats.
  • Stock healthy treats to use while positively reinforcing desired behaviors.

Essential Supplies:

  1. Slicker brush and undercoat rake
  2. Sturdy leash
  3. Interactive puzzle toys
  4. Common Health Issues: hip dysplasia, eye diseases, bloat
  5. Necessary Vaccines: Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella bronchiseptica, Leptospirosis, Lyme disease

Common Names for Rough Collies

Give them a virtuous name reflecting their loyal spirit like Hero, Valor or Grace.

Lad, Laddie, Lassie, Duke, Duchess, Majesty, Willow

Getting a Rough Collie

The Rough Collie remains popular worldwide including North America and Europe. Expect to pay $800-$1200 USD from reputable breeders. Rough/Smooth Collie rescues like Collie Rescue Foundation Inc. often have adults and seniors in need of adoption between $150-$400 adoption fees. Before adopting, check:

  1. General health
  2. Spay/neuter and vaccine status
  3. Personality and behavior

“How to stop Rough collie bitting?”

Use reward-based bite inhibition training as a puppy. Provide plenty of chew toys and praise them for chewing appropriately.

“How to do Socialisation and Raising Friendly for Rough collie?”

Slowly introduce them to new places, people, animals and experiences from 8-16 weeks old using positive reinforcement to build confidence.

“How to train your Rough collie?”

Use positive methods rewarding good behavior. Collies are highly intelligent, eager to please and very trainable.

“How long should we check for Rough collie’s health with vet?”

Get complete physical exams every six months. Senior Collies over 7 years old should see vet every 4 months.

“Are they good family pets?”

Yes! When properly exercised and trained Collies make exceptionally gentle, loyal and affectionate family companions.

“Are they good with children?”

Yes, known for patience and gentleness with kids. Still supervise young children and teach them proper interaction.

“Are they good with other animals?”

Most get along fine with other pets if raised together. Careful supervision is still recommended due to their herding heritage.

“Is a Rough collie a Smart dog?”

Extremely. Collies are considered one of the brightest dog breeds, ranking in the top tier for obedience/working intelligence.

“Temperament of Rough collie?”

Sweet, devoted, smart and willing to please. Family-oriented yet also an excellent watch/guard dog. Responsive but not aggressive.

“How many type of Rough collie?”

There are two types: Rough and Smooth. Only coat length distinguishes them.

“Can Rough collie cause allergies?”

Yes, shed moderately year-round. Contact may irritate people with allergies.

“How many color of Rough collie?”

Common colors are sable/white, tri-colored, blue merle and white; white body spots.

“How long can a Rough collie can live?”

12-14 years on average. Proper care helps ensure long lifespan.

“Are Rough collie ferocious?”

No, very sweet, gentle temperament. They can make good watchdogs but are not vicious or aggressive by nature.

“Are Rough collie have much hair loss problems?”

No. not suffer from abnormal hair loss or balding conditions. Expect moderate shedding.

By following our website, you can find the perfect dog breeds for you and provide them with the best possible dog care. Remember that owning a dog is a lifelong commitment that requires time, money, and patience. But it is also a rewarding experience that will bring you joy and companionship. All information in Dog care tips.

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