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Can Dogs Eat Wheat Germ? Is It Safe For Dogs & Vet Approved Options - Dog Care Tip
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Can Dogs Eat Wheat Germ? Is It Safe For Dogs & Vet Approved Options

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Can Dogs Eat Wheat Germ? Is It Safe For Dogs & Vet Approved Options

Can dogs eat wheat germ? Perhaps you thought this while researching the health advantages of using wheat germ in your own diet and wondered if your dog would benefit as well. Can dogs safely consume wheat germ if people can?

Can Dogs Eat Wheat Germ? Is It Safe For Dogs & Vet Approved Options

Can Dogs Eat Wheat Germ? Is It Safe For Dogs & Vet Approved Options

The short answer is that dogs can safely consume wheat germ. The main advantage of feeding wheat germ to your dog is that it includes a high level of omega-3 fatty acids, which can assist with any skin problems your dog may be having as well as improve the health of their coat.

Wheat germ may also assist to relieve inflammatory issues that your dog may be experiencing.

However, as usual, consult your regular veterinarian before giving your favorite pet any human food or supplements. What you should know about wheat germ and dogs.

How Is Wheat Germ Good For Dogs?

Can dogs eat wheat germ? The main reason wheat germ is beneficial to dogs is that it has a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids.

Can dogs eat wheat germ? Providing your dog with a sufficient amount of omega-3 fatty acids will help to improve the quality of their skin and hair, as well as reduce any inflammatory difficulties your canine may be experiencing.

Furthermore, wheat germ is high in vitamin E, which can benefit your dog’s heart and liver health.

Oil from Wheat Germ

Can dogs eat wheat germ? Wheat germ is offered in the form of a liquid oil in a bottle. It is well tolerated by most dogs and can be poured on top of daily kibble meals or mixed in with soft or canned dog food. Most dogs don’t notice any differences in the food and will eat it at every meal.

Consult your veterinarian to find out how much wheat germ oil your pet need. The dosage is weight dependent.

Wheat Germ Powder

Can dogs eat wheat germ? Wheat germ powder is fairly dry and can be difficult to feed a dog unless he eats soft or canned food. Most pet owners manufacture delightful dog treats with powdered wheat germ and feed one treat per day to their pet to ensure a daily supply and get the advantages.

Dog treats should account for no more than 10% of his daily meal consumption. Mix 3/4 cup powdered skim milk with 1/2 cup wheat germ, then add 3 small jars of chicken or beef baby food without onions. In a 350 degree preheated oven, bake it for 10 to 14 minutes on a cookie sheet covered with nonfat cooking spray.

Tablets of Wheat Germ

Can dogs eat wheat germ? When they perceive a pill or capsule coming their way, some dogs will fight and clamp their jaws. Wheat germ tablets are available in a chewable version that most pets would readily accept if you describe it as a “treat.” When bitten, the capsules open and release wheat germ oil into the dog’s mouth; nevertheless, some dogs refuse to ingest an oil capsule.

Can dogs eat wheat germ? The simplest approach to give your pet a tablet or capsule is to hide it in a soft dog treat or wrap it in a small piece of cheese. Offer him two treats or pieces of cheese that are not “loaded” with the pill, followed by the one with the pill and one or two more pieces of cheese.


He will generally consume the “loaded” goodie in anticipation of the next one, not noticing the pill or capsule inside. You can buy hollow snacks designed specifically for placing medications for your pack member.

How Can I Safely Give Wheat Germ To My Dog?

Wheat germ can be purchased in a variety of forms, including oil, pill, and powder. Whichever variety you choose, the most efficient approach to incorporate it into your dog’s diet is to mix a tiny quantity into any current meals.

When it comes to the particular amount that is appropriate for your dog, consider one tablespoon of wheat germ for every pound of food.

However, Can dogs eat wheat germ? Before introducing any new food or supplements to your dog’s diet, always consult with your veterinarian, as they will be able to offer you with more exact serving instructions that take into account your dog’s age, weight, and overall health.

Does wheat germ provide any benefits to your dog? What method do you use to feed it to your dog? Tell us everything in the comments section below!

Can Dogs Eat Wheat Germ?

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