Top 10 Recipes of 2017

2017 was a year full of all kinds of everything, but some of our favorite things were awesome recipes for our pets. Here are our top 10 recipes from 2017!

  1. Orange Carob Dog Treat Recipe: These yummy treats are a holiday favorite, and your pups will feel like it’s Christmas all year long! Berry Easter Dog Treat Recipe: Easter may be full of chocolate bunnies, and your pup can’t have those, but these berry bunny treats used candy melts that are dog-safe and made sure to keep our dog in the holiday fun mix! We warn you…you just might want to take a nibble from your pup, and they’re completely safe to do so!
  2. Frozen Fruit and Lavender Bark for Dogs: We think these honey flavored yummies are the best if you use K9 Honey-we met the makers of the honey at SuperZoo and they rock. Plus, their honey is delicious! Your dog will love it, and bonus? Their honey is safe for us humans to munch too, making this honey and yogurt treat great for us all!
  3. Frozen Pumpkin Bone-ah-PetTreat Recipe: These frozen pumpkin treats are good any time of the year, but believe it or not, great for pups who may be having tummy troubles! The pumpkin aids in digestion, and your dog won’t even know you’re trying to setttle their stomachs. They’ll just think you’re giving them a fabulous frozen superfood treat!
  4. They use clementines and carob chips and are delicious. Who knew dogs could eat candy melts? We did, and told you, remember?
  5. Frozen Peanut Butter and Carob Dog Treats: This was the first recipe we shared in our Bone-ah-PetTreat Video series, and these doggie versions of peanut-butter cups were doglicious! Easy to make, and a fun video with instructions, your dog says there is no reason not to give him great treats!
  6. Bacon and Cheese Dog Muffin Recipe: These yummy [s]breakfast muffins[/s] dog treats smelled so good when we made them, we were drooling. Use some candy melts to decorate, but watch how many you use which means you don’t add too much extra sugar. PS. Don’t eat them all yourself. Save some for Fido!
  7. Frozen Coconut Pineapple Dog Treat Recipe: These delicious Pina Colada-inspired frozen dog treats will be the easiest things on earth to make, and they will make your pup sooo happy as they imagine a steel drum playing softly in the background. Frozen pineapple works well, and makes an easy recipe even easier!
  8. Hanky Panky Blueberry Dog Treat Recipe: Fido feeling fresh? These cookies have blueberries and carrots, rosemary and parsley and your dog won’t have any idea that they’re good for him! Full of antioxidants and fresh breath power, they’ll make anyone desire to be your pup’s Valentine every day of the year!
  9. Black and Blueberry Frozen Dog Treat Recipe: If blueberries and blackberries aren’t in season, this recipe will work just as easily with frozen fruits from the grocery. Three ingredients make this fast and easy and they are so.stinking.cute in molds. Your pet will feel like he gets personalized treats with every batch!
  10. Harvest Apple Dog Muffin Recipe: These babies will make your entire house smell like fresh apple fritters…aka HEAVENLY! You can use whatever your favorite local variety of apple is, and you could even make your own apple sauce in the event that you like (we won’t tell if you don’t, though!). Your dog will too, and you will feel good about the ingredients being delicious and clean for him.

By DogCareTips.Net

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