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The Dog Scout’s Guide To Dog First Aid Kits

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Have Dog First Aid Kits available for when accidents occur. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

The dog scouts live by the slogan, “Always be prepared!” You need to be ready in case your dog has an accident or if there is a crisis, even though we don’t like to think about it.

To make sure you can treat your dog for injuries if he ever gets harmed, keep dog first aid kits where you’ll need them the most – at the house, in the car, at the cottage.

Of course, your dog will need to visit the vet for full care, but the supplies in your Dog First Aid bag will keep him comfortable until he does.

There are pre-made dog first aid kits available for purchase, but we advise making your own if you want to ensure that it is tailored to include everything your dog may require.

Given that each dog has different medical requirements, a kit from the store might not contain all the necessary supplies.

You should have a few days’ worth of your dog’s prescribed medication in your first aid kit for dogs. To prevent their expiration, these medications must be alternated.

You may always consult your veterinarian for her opinion if you’re unsure of what your dog will require in his kit.

The Essentials for Dog First Aid Kits

This is a thorough list of everything a dog first aid kit should include if you’re making one yourself:

• Scissors

• Tape

• Gauze

Veterans Wrap (a conforming bandage wrap used over a telfa pad or gauze that clings to itself and is semi-watertight)

• Telfa swabs (non-stick dressings)

• Scissors for bandaging

• Antibacterial soap or wipes

• Styrofoam or pencil

• Topical antibiotics

• In the event of poison consumption, use 3% hydrogen peroxide to cause vomiting.

• A nail cutter

• Use eye and ear wash

• Tweezers

Veterinarian-prescribed painkillers

; Benadryl (for allergic reactions)

• A thermometer and lubricating jelly made of water

• Syringe or dropper for eyes

• A list of emergency numbers, which includes your own

• Hot packs and ice

• Crisp linens and blankets

• A mute (Dogs may bite when injured or afraid)

• An added leash and harness

• A sizable metal or plastic container to carry all of these materials.

Make sure all drugs and supplies are clearly labeled, and check your kit annually to replace any expired prescriptions and replenish any depleted supplies.

Further Bonus

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Have you put together a dogs first aid kit? Have you ever needed to employ it? In the comments box below, share your experiences.
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