The Benefits of Dental Treats

Just like in humans, a dog’s dental health is important for their overall health and happiness. Fortunately, as anyone who has a pup knows, dogs love to chew and dogs love treats. That’s why using dental treats in between brushings and vet visits is a good way to keep their pearly whites in perfect shape.

Dog health starts with dental wellness.

Keeping an eye on your dog’s chompers is crucial for a number of reasons. Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to bad breath, broken teeth or even losing teeth. It can also cause painful, swollen or bleeding gums. Decaying food matter stuck in the teeth can guide to harmful bacteria.

Healthy mouth = healthy dog

Reasons to smile about dental treats

Dental treats have a texture that acts kind of like a toothbrush. So when your dog chews one, they’re not only getting a tasty treat, they’re also improving their dental health. Win-win!

Put a smile on both your faces.

Here’s how dental treats keep your dog’s mouth fresh and clean.

Reduces plaque

Plaque builds up along the gumline and is made up of food debris and bacteria. Bleah. Dental chews rub against your dog’s teeth, creating a scrubbing action that helps wash away those bits of food.

Prevents tartar

Tartar is basically hardened plaque. Its yellow appearance is more than unattractive, and it can lead to gum dis usuallyease and tooth loss. When your dog is gnawing on dental treats, it helps keep tartar from building up.

Stops bad breath

When your pooch comes in to give you a big slobbery kiss, do you want to run the other way? Plaque and tartar buildup can also cause stinky breath and a nasty case of bacteria buildup in the mouth. Some options have a tasty mint flavor, helping keep their breath puppy fresh.

Dog breath doesn’t have to be an insult.

Good for the gums

Chewing dental treats massages dog’s gums, encouraging blood flow to the area and keeping them pink and healthy. Big dogs will often swallow smaller treats before they can do their work. Dental chews are a safe, tasty and healthy way for them to satisfy this urge. Your shoes will thank you, too.

Now chew on this… A couple things to remember:

Choose the right size.

Make sure to pick dental treats appropriate to your pup’s size.

A good way to get their chew fix

As we said earlier, dogs love to chew on things.

Big dog teeth need big dog treats.

Counting calories

Like any snack, dental treats have calories, so don’t go overboard with them.

Part of the program

Don’t forget to also regularly brush your dog’s teeth and have their mouth checked out during vet visits. If your pup consistently has bad breath or bleeding gums, it could be a sign of something more serious and you should consult your vet.

And that’s how you prevent visits from the Doggy Tooth Fairy.

By DogCareTips.Net

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