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Teach the “Drop It” Command, For Safety’s Sake

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You’ve heard the terrifying tales about how dogs will eat whatever they come upon on the ground. Before you have your own terrifying tale, teach your puppy a dependable Drop It trigger Safety’s Sake.

The dog is told to “Drop It” and spit out whatever is in his mouth right away. In dire circumstances, it might even be the difference between life and death.

The issue is that your dog wanted the partially consumed pepperoni pizza slice when he put it in his mouth. It’s really up to him whether he drops it or not after it’s firmly in his mouth. You must persuade him that spitting out the pizza is actually more enjoyable and satisfying than eating it.

Here are Drop It’s first three levels. To guarantee your dog is successful at each step of the way up, increase the difficulty in very modest steps. In real life, unless you are almost convinced that your dog will comply, do not command him to “drop it.”

Use the Level 1 approach to deal with snacking emergencies if your dog is still learning the basics of Drop It and picks up something tasty (to him) during your walk.

Emergency Drop It at Level One


For dogs with erratic Drop It abilities, this is a good place to start. Until your dog has mastered dropping objects on command, use this technique for emergency situations. In case such an emergency occurs, don’t forget to bring extra yummy snacks with you on your walks.

1. Throw all of your extra tasty treats on the ground as soon as your dog picks up a chicken bone or other potentially harmful object. They should be dispersed throughout.

2. Your dog will start sucking the treats after spitting out the chicken bone and observing this treat explosion.

3. While he finishes, clear the chicken bone from your way and carry on with your walk.

Share an item at level two.

This demonstrates the Drop It principle, which tells your dog that spitting out anything will gain him something even greater in return.

Use as many different (safe) items as you can to carry out this activity over and again.


1. Provide your dog with a long chew toy or rope toy, such as a bully stick. Keep holding on.

2. Speak the phrase “drop it” once before he becomes overly engrossed in the toy.

3. Right away exchange the toy for a “surprise” treat you pulled out of your pocket. As soon as he notices the treat, he will spit out the toy. Give the treat to the dog and say, “Good dog!”

4. Just three repetitions should be sufficient. Perform brief sessions multiple days in a row until he can effortlessly drop things.

5. Postpone the award now. When he spits it out, say “drop it” and watch. When he drops it, reach inside your pocket to retrieve the prize.

Level 3: You Have It All (for the Moment)


Instead of sharing it now, you’ll give your dog the entire thing. Start with an extremely uninteresting object to drop in order to achieve success. To stop him from escaping, you can also tie a leash to him.

1. Only for a few seconds, give the dog complete control of a low-value item.

2. After saying “drop it” just once, watch for him to spit it out. Reward him with a more superior treat or toy when he does. (Switch back to level 2 if he doesn’t drop it.)

3. Use a variety of (safe) objects to drop as you practice in brief periods both inside and outside.

you can persuade your dog to drop You can turn your dog street muncher into a master of spitting stuff out in this game, which is quite entertaining and has substantial prizes.

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