Summer music festivals are goin’ to the dogs!

There are a host of dog-friendly music festivals across the country perfect for you and your four-legged bestie. That’s right, dogs need sun protection too. DoggieStock Music Fest in Washington State or Woofstock in Ohio, you’ll find music, excitement and festivities for a summer of fun.

Before you go, make sure to plan ahead. Take your dog’s personality, weather and travel into consideration before you take your pup to an event where he might not be comfortable. Dogs can end up beingcome overwhelmed with the sights, sounds and smells of an event, so be prepared to leave an area if your dog isn’t comfortable.

Check out these tips before you head out with your pup for some summer fun.

The Heat – Many festivals are held during the hottest months of the year. But warm days can happen all year long. Check out the location ahead of time to see if there is plenty of shade where both you and your sidekick can escape the sun and stay cool. But don’t forget the sunscreen. Whether you explore the Woof Fest in Denver, Colorado; Talk with your vet to find out what is best for your pup.

Hot paws – Events can be held in a variety of locations like parking lots and streets where the pavement can reach scorching temperatures. If you can’t hold your hand comfortably on the surface for several seconds, then it’s too hot for the dog’s paws. If it’s too hot for you – it’s too warm for dogs!

H20 to go! – Make sure your event has plenty of water stations for your dog, not just to drink but to cool off as well. Bring plenty of water for your dog to drink along with a bowl and even consider bringing extra water to help him cool off if temperatures get too hot.

Food and yums – Festivals are full of delicious food and treats for humans. But these delicious bites can be harmful to your dog. Make sure your pup steers clear of trash and don’t let him eat food that’s normally not in his diet.

Pet friendly – The event your attending may be pet friendly, but is your pet friendly? Your dog may be socialized and love to run and play with others. But in unfamiliar surroundings with new sights and smells, your canine may become agitated, anxious or even protective of you. Also, don’t assume other dogs are comfortable meeting you or your pet. Use caution with additionals to keep you and your pup safe.

Summer festivals could be full of fun, excitement and joy. But take the time to know before you go to make them the best experience for you and your pup. Watch for signs of distress, heat exhaustion and anxiety in your pup and never hesitate to take your dog out of a situation if he is uncomfortable.

Now, pack up and head out for a summer of music, fun and play all across this great nation!

By DogCareTips.Net

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