Shelter Spotlight: Animal Aid USA

This organization valiantly advocates for those without a voice, speaking out against cruel euthanasia practices and saving thousands of dogs from high-kill shelters. The nonprofit organization Animal Aid USA was founded in January 2012 and is exclusively staffed by volunteers.

In addition to trying to save as many dogs from bad situations as they can, their goal is to inform the public and raise awareness of the numerous cruel customs that exist in the United States.

You may have heard of this charity before

Prince Lorenzo Borghese, who was hunting for love on television’s The Bachelor, is one of its founders. On this reality show, he might not have found his soul mate, but it turns out that his heart belongs to all of the dogs who come into Animal Aid USA.

To reach animals in high-kill rescue shelters, these volunteers will travel nearly 1,600 miles each month from New Jersey to Georgia (on their own dime). About 100 dogs are typically transported by this group from these shelters to their quarantine facility, where they are treated as necessary before being placed in no-kill shelters or the arms of their forever homes.

To reduce the number of dogs born into the world.


Animal Aid USA also raises money for the spaying and neutering of the dogs that come through their doors. Overcrowding in shelters is a very serious issue when it comes to dogs and cats, and Animal AID works to reduce the number of animals roaming the streets.

The website claims that since 2009, over 10,000 animal lives have been saved as a result of the founders and volunteers who donate their time and money to keep this organization active.

A significant component of Animal Aid USA’s purpose is education. One of their most prominent campaigns exposes the practice of killing dogs in gas chambers.

A Liberty County animal control officer named Linda Cordry describes her first-hand experience with a gas chamber and the suffering that both dogs and cats go through when they are confined within. She calls the sounds the dogs make “pitiful screams,” and she was horrified to see one of the dogs being brought back from the gas chamber alive.

Since that day

Liberty County has discontinued using the gas chamber. The dog, later given the name “Grace,” was sent to the veterinarian for treatment.

Additionally, they campaign for the prohibition of puppy mills in the US and educate the public about cardiac heartsticking, another cruel method of animal euthanasia. Simply put, they speak for our furry friends who are unable to speak for themselves.

They are viewed as heroes by both dogs and people for their work in educating the public and entering animal shelters to rescue dog sick, abused, and mistreated canines.


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