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Rocki Robot Review

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You’ve been sorely missing your pets ever since you started working again. Do you want to stay in touch with them wherever you are? Rocki Robot .

Then you ought to consider Rocki, a clever robot that allows you to communicate with your pets remotely. I also got to take Rocki for a ride.

Before getting into the Rocki review, let’s take a closer look at the features and what you truly get with your purchase.


Dimensions: 3.3 pounds

The item is 7.28×8.07×7.28 inches in size.

The wireless network in use is Bluetooth version 4.1.

7.4V 2600mAh Li-Polymer battery type

Continuous working hours 5 days of waiting; 5 hours of play

USB Input Power DC 5V

What it offers is:

HD audio, video, and recording in real-time

Audio and Speech

Thrower of sweets

All-wheel drive and 360-degree all-directional movement

long standby and operational times

A laser toy and a number of toy mounts

The contents of the box

· Robot

information line

Feather attachment

accessory for a laser

The User’s Manual

Set Up:

Before you can play with Rocki, you must first set him up on your smartphone. The process is also straightforward. First, you need to download the app by reading the QR code in the user guide.

Making an account using your email address and confirming your registration are the following steps in the registration process. Before launching Rocki, make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. You can tell you’re moving in the right direction when Rocki says “Starting.”

Once connected to Wi-Fi, you tap the Pair button on the app. Before you start, press the two buttons on Rocki’s side to fill the snack feeder. When finished, simply lock the two buttons to close it. It’s time for your animal friend to meet Rocki.

Love: What Is It?

Any pet owner will appreciate Rocki’s many benefits. The snack feeder has enough supplies to last for several days and distributes snacks as needed. Similar to a laser or feather toy, the robotic toy arm has similar functionality.

The night vision camera, microphone, and speakers allow you and your pet to communicate remotely via the Rocki app.

Rocki has four mechanum wheels. Rocki can move in any direction without turning thanks to these wheels, which provide him more mobility than regular wheels.

Tosser Pro advises using soft training treats in the feeding compartments rather than chopping up larger cookie rewards. When the cookie treats were thrown, a mess was made, and if Rocki ran over them, the mess would only become worse.

Using training treats enables you to control serving sizes more effectively and avoids mess after the toss. I cut up each training treat into four pieces so that I could get the most out of each toss.

Discovering Rocki

It’s likely that your small dog is a little anxious if you have one. Hey, if I were that near to the ground, I would also be there. If you’ve read anything about my dogs, Oscar and Zed, they have the frenetic energy of a thousand caffeinated chihuahuas. I knew that introducing Rocki to these men would require a lot of patience.

I took Rocki’s advice and used treats as a lure to get my pet’s attention. If you want Zed to warm up to being friends with Rocki, be prepared for this process to take a few weeks of patient prodding and constant reward giving. Hey, that may apply to your dog or cat. Oscar is still debating whether or not to be friends with this clever robot, but he is still open to receiving gifts from it.

How to Play Rockie the Best

Think of having fun with Rocki like having fun with a cooler remote-control car! The controller shows as follows on your phone:

The left circle is used to rotate and maneuver Rocki’s wheel, the center button to toss a chamber of sweets, and the right circle to tilt and see the camera. By tapping those buttons, Rocki can be moved to the left and right without having to readjust (thanks to the Mecanum wheels).

In the top right corner of the screen, you can view the battery, video options, pictures, and voice communication. The night vision camera immediately turns on whenever it gets dark outside. Images and videos are immediately stored to your phone’s photo gallery.


With its 360-degree camera and wheels, you can monitor your pet from anywhere in your home. Typical pet cameras and treat dispensers are unable to record these photographs.

Mecanum wheels provide side-to-side motion, doing away with the requirement for a three-point turn to change direction.

The controls for Rocki and the laser toy are different.

Direct access to your photo gallery for photos and videos


Loud noises and activity may frighten nervous pets.

The Discovery

It costs a lot; the suggested retail price is $209, so yes (pre-sale price). However, remember that a nice treat-throwing camera will cost you the same and be stationary. With Rocki, you get a candy dispenser and a clever toy in one.

It’s a smart purchase, particularly if you want to play and interact with your dogs more while you’re at work. It is exquisitely made, will hold your interest, and is more durable than a standard squeaky toy. You also have some great opportunities to upload viral photos and videos to your Instagram or Tik Tok account.

Oscar is still hesitant, but Zed likes Rocki; in fact, I have to lift this robot to a higher place to convince Zed to leave it alone. He never stops asking for candy!

For a Rocki to buy for yourself, go to the website.

Note that this review was not sponsored by PetGuide.com. Our reviewer received a Rocki Robot for examination. The article’s opinions are those of the author. We provide unbiased product reviews and provide recommendations based on what we think our readers would find interesting.

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