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Proof That Puppies and Kittens Are Better Together

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These days, we could all use a bit more kindness, acceptance, and understanding. That said, whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, it’s time to set aside your differences and accept the facts: While puppies and kittens are pretty great on their own, they’re even better together. How, you may ask? Well, when young puppies and kittens are paired up, you get double the cuteness, double the cuddles, and double the baby animal hijinks. It’s pretty basic math here.

Of course, some of you sole cat or dog owners might need even more proof that these cute creatures are even better together-and that’s why we’ve rounded up the most downright adorable pictures of kitty and puppy pals out there (you can’t argue with photographic evidence, after all) and laid out the reality!

1. They Practice Good Personal Hygiene Together

Puppies and kittens practice the unspoken rule of telling their best friend when their personal hygiene is not so hygienic-except their version just might involve a bit more poop or dead mice.


2. They Take Fashion Risks Together

Planning your duds with your best friends knows no generational bounds. Whether it’s to avoid dressing unattractively or to have a little bit of a safety net when they want to take a fashion risk, we are here for it when puppies and kittens wear the same exact outfits as their close friends.

3. They Keep Secrets Together

Here’s a pro tip: The next time you have a huge secret to tell, just spill the beans to a puppy or kitten. If you’re in good company, why not do both?

4. They Binge-Watch Their Favorite TV Shows Together

If people love binge-watching their favorite TV show with their best buddy, puppies and kittens love it even more. Pass the salty snacks and coziest blanket, please. It’s time to rock and roll with eight straight hours of Dogs and Homeward Bound.

5. They Hit the Great Outdoors Together

There’s nothing better than spending time in the great outdoors with your friends, whether you’re braving the wilds on a hike or relaxing at an outdoor restaurant. They probably won’t tell anyone (except each other).


6. They Take the Most Adorable Selfies Together

Puppies and kittens know: Selfies with your friends are the absolute best way to take a picture-and it’s not just because they capture your friendship.

7. They Face the Consequences Together

When puppies and kittens get together, they have a guaranteed furry partner in crime. Whether they’re punished by enclosure in a playpen in the kitchen or the loss of snack privileges after dinner, they have each other’s paws.

8. They Take Naps Together

There’s nothing like taking a nice, cuddly, cozy nap after a long day of work (or being adorable). Puppies and kittens just happen to be a the cutest when they snuggle during good naps.

9. They Pretend Not to Hear Their Parents Together

Pretending they don’t hear their parents calling for them could be a national pastime among puppies and kittens. At least they’re playing dumb together!


10. They Pretend to Fight Together

With puppies and kittens, playing is fighting and fighting is playing-but when things get out of hand, they can always go hide behind their parents’ reliable legs.

11. They Mean Mug Together

When a puppy and a kitten sees a household injustice (like an unequal distribution of treats or staggered mealtimes), there’s only one thing to do: Mean mug ’em together.

12. They’re Just Plain Adorable Together

Whether you’re a dedicated cat person or a truly loyal dog individual, there’s no denying it: Puppies and kittens are just really, ridiculously cute-especially when they’re paired together. When you combine puppies with kittens, you obtain double the whiskers, double the paws, dual the hilariousness, and double the adorableness. What more could you possibly ask for?

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