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About Jackaranian

Height 6-10 inches

Weight 6-14 lb

Lifespan 13-15 years

Group Not applicable

Best Suited For Families without children, active families, singles, living in apartment, houses with fenced yard

Temperament Energetic, stubborn, loyal, goofy, aggressive towards strangers

Comparable Breeds Pomeranian, Jack Russell Terrier,


Jackanian Foundations

Never be bored again with a silly Jackaran by your side! Pom Jack-A-Ranian Pom-a-Jack, Jack, and Pom It should come as no surprise that the progeny of these two breeds are energetic. And this hybrid dog surely thinks for itself! Jackaranian people are loyal to their families, intelligent, active, and somewhat stubborn. These adorable dogs were first developed as companions. They are wonderful companions for energetic families and people who would enjoy having a vibrant dog by their side.

However, due to their reputation for being challenging to train, Jackaranians are not a good choice for beginners. They have strong personalities and can be difficult to train, even for experienced dog trainers. The Jackaranian is not a suitable choice for households with kids because of its terrier ancestry and Pom’s nipping instincts. They can nip children if they are too troublesome, and they will not be patient with children who treat them rudely.

A Jackaranian is intelligent, active, and extremely stubborn. It will be devoted to its family. They are a fantastic choice for folks who are active and desire a lively pet.


It is impossible to say with certainty when and where this designer breed was initially developed. The majority of sources concur that the first litters of Jackaran puppies to be purposefully bred were born in the US. In the past ten years, the Jackaranian joined the ranks of other hybrid and designer dog breeds in receiving breed status.

The Jackaranian is a purebred dog that is descended from the Pomeranian and the Jack Russell Terrier. The Pom is a well-known toy dog breed that originated in the laps of European aristocracy and has since grown to become one of the most cherished pets. On the other hand, the vivacious Jack Russell Terrier was meant to be a small game hunting dog, but with time, they evolved into pets.


The Jackaranian is a designer dog breed without a pedigree. The fact that the AKC does not recognize them, however, does not preclude their parents from having legitimate documents. The purebred parent(s) of a breeder’s puppies will be documented. You can learn more about the ancestry of your new pet by looking at these. You can anticipate your Jackaranian to continue in the footsteps of their predecessors if they come from a line of healthy, well-cared-for canines. But keep in mind that the puppies’ price will be greatly impacted if their parents were show-quality dogs.


Despite being little and adorable, jackaranian are quite active, which affects their nutritional demands. Select premium dry food for small-sized, very active dogs to ensure that you are giving your Jackaranian the greatest diet possible. Long walks or other outside activities will burn off a lot of calories for your dog, so you must choose foods that are high in nutrients. Of course, this does not imply that the serving size should be excessive. These are still tiny breed dogs, thus their level of activity should be taken into consideration while choosing a diet. Overfeeding them will quickly result in obesity, which has a number of negative health effects on your dog.

A cup of kibble will often be sufficient to keep your pet satisfied and healthy, but it’s recommended to use a feeding guide for precise measurements.

Despite being little and adorable, jackaranian are quite active, which affects their nutritional demands.


For a young puppy, training and socialization are crucial. If you want your dog to become a well-behaved adult, you must educate them how to walk on a leash, where to relieve themselves, and appropriate behavior. The majority of experts concur that employing a positive reinforcement training approach is the best choice because it produces the best outcomes and makes training fun for both you and your pet. However, things might not go as well as you had thought when it comes to teaching your Jackaranian puppy.

The Pomeranian is renowned for having a stubborn, independent streak. You get a dog that is very challenging to train when you combine that with the easily excited and even more stubborn Jack Russell Terrier. These canines are intelligent, no doubt, but it can be difficult to inspire and maintain their attention on the work at hand. There is no way to force your Jackalan to do something if they decide against it. Bribery and time-outs won’t work at all! For this reason, it’s essential to maintain your composure and assertiveness throughout your training sessions. Even though it might take longer and more effort than it would with a dog who is more eager to please, you will succeed. And if you find that training a Jackaranian is too difficult for you, it’s preferable to get assistance from a qualified dog trainer. It will undoubtedly spare you a great deal of anxiety!


Small dogs include the Jack Russell Terrier and Pomeranian. The Jackaranian will also be little in size. The size of your puppy when it matures will depend on its gender because females are often smaller. This hybrid breed’s mature dogs typically weigh between 6 and 14 pounds.


The Jackaranian dog has undoubtedly a tremendous personality for such a small canine. This Pom-Terrier hybrid is intelligent, inquisitive, and a natural entertainer who will command the attention of any family. These mixed-breed dogs make wonderful friends, and their crazy actions and silly personality are sure to make you grin. They are loyal to their families and tenaciously guard their owners. They are extremely energetic dogs and will enjoy going on long walks, treks, and playing with you. However, after using that extra energy effectively, they develop a cuddle bug personality. At the end of the day, you can count on this dog to cuddle up to you and wait for belly rubs and cuddles.

The Terrier ancestry of the Jackaranian can cause it to frequently be wary of strangers and, if improperly socialized, even to become aggressive. They can be quite nippy and won’t hesitate if they think someone is suspect or threatening. This means that they are not a suitable choice for families with kids, as you might have predicted. Although they are more tolerant of older kids, the designer dog will respond if the kids are harsh with each other while playing.

Typical Health Issues

Crossbreeding, in the opinion of the majority, reduces the likelihood of breed-specific genetic diseases. In fact, several designer dog breeds were developed specifically for that purpose! This isn’t always the case, though. Designer dogs don’t always succeed in the “genetic lottery,” and all dogs, regardless of breed, may have certain health issues.

Patellar luxation, deafness, and Legg-Calve-Perthes disease are some frequent inherited health issues that your Jackaranian dog may experience. Never purchase a puppy from a shady breeder to reduce the risk of your new pet contracting an inherited ailment. Not only are their breeding tactics cruel to the animals, but they also harm their health, increasing the likelihood that their puppies will become ill.

Of course, there are also widespread health problems that can be avoided with the right treatment. The Jackaranian should wash their teeth frequently because they are susceptible to early tooth loss and other dental problems.

Expected lifespan

The Jackaranian is a very new designer dog breed, hence it is impossible to estimate how long they will live. However, experts were able to estimate their expected lifespan based on their parents and general characteristics. Jackaranian lifespans range from 13 to 15 years.

Exercise specifications

You might initially assume that a Jackaranian is a standard lap dog when you first encounter the small canine. You’re completely mistaken! Due to their high activity level, this designer dog breed requires a lot of exercise to remain healthy and happy. If you intend to get a Jackaran for your family, frequent outdoor excursions, lots of playtime, and regular walks are essential. When it comes to their activity requirements, these dogs are high maintenance. They are therefore perfect for those who lead active lifestyles and desire a cuddly friend to match.

Your Jackaranian will typically require an hour of workout per day. Walking around the block, playing fetch in the dog park, or allowing your dog to run around and chase a ball in a fenced-in yard are all examples of this. In either case, it’s critical to give them enough exercise since without it, your pet will become unhappy and destructive.

Due to their high activity level, this designer dog breed requires a lot of exercise to remain healthy and happy.

Licensed Clubs

Similar to other designer dog breeds, the American Kennel Club does not recognize the Jackaranian breed. There are certainly a number of dog clubs and organizations that acknowledge hybrid breeds as legitimate ones. These organizations include the International Designer Canine Registry, Designer Breed Registry, American Canine Hybrid Club, and Designer Dogs Kennel Club.


With a sleek, short-haired Jack Russell Terrier father and a hairy, fluffy Pomeranian mother… A Jackaranian’s coat will be what kind? These canines can be any color, and their coats can be thick, silky, or ruffled. Whatever the circumstances are with your specific dog, you may anticipate low maintenance grooming requirements from them. To keep them looking sharp, brush them once or twice a week to eliminate any dirt or loose hair. The feisty Jackaranian doesn’t necessarily require a bath, but you can bring them to the shower if they do. And given how much they enjoy exploring the outdoors, they will certainly require one more frequently than not.


Although Jackarain puppies appear kind and calm, they actually conceal an animated, silly dog. With their amusing demeanor, these stupid designer dogs will undoubtedly put a smile on your face and make your day. They are intelligent and devoted to their owners like Pomeranian mixes, but new dog owners may struggle with their obstinacy. If you don’t have any training expertise, Jackeranians are quite difficult to teach, so if you decide to get one of these designer dogs, be prepared to be patient.

If you want a dog that will get along well with kids and strangers, it is better to stay away from the Terrier breed because of the Terrier genes. Jackeranians are extremely active dogs and will thrive with an owner who gives them ample exercise. They are a wonderful option for apartment dwellers because to their compact size, but only if they are prepared to exercise their canine partner for at least an hour each day. All things considered, a Jackaranian is the dog for you if you’re looking for a small canine with a lion’s heart and boundless activity!

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