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High-Tech Buddy Collar Shines LED Light On Your Dog’s Health And Muc

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The Buddy Collar Kickstarter campaign aims to generate money for the collar that tracks practically everything about your dog (including really amazing lights!) and is sophisticated enough for spies but intended for the average dog.

I paid top dollar to watch “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” on the big screen this past weekend, joining millions of others (mega because I bought popcorn).

In typical MI fashion, the too cool, ultra-discreet technology stole the show as it assisted in the victory of good over evil and made us all scream aloud, “I want one of those!” as we observed doors being unlocked, coded passwords being changed, and a contact lens providing instant facial recognition—all from the remote security of a command central computer.

In keeping with this over-the-top technological theme, I’m thinking that if there was ever a dog in the cast, they would probably equip him with a collar that had covert GPS tracking, something to monitor his activity, check his body temperature, light him up at night, and create a virtual, secure geo-fencing environment to prevent him from straying off the grid.

Of course, everything would fit into a sleek, streamlined neckband and submit findings to an app on your iPhone or Apple Watch, transforming you into that sought command center.

Well, it appears that a Melbourne, Australia-based firm is on board with just such a wish list and is providing our little ones with minimally-invasive technology that packs a powerful punch in terms of preserving their happiness, health, and safety.

The Buddy Collar is a brand-new product from Australian company Squeaker LED Products.

Its engineering is finished, and it now has GPS tracking, Bluetooth connectivity, WiFi, LED lighting, an OLED display, light and temperature sensors, a 14-day battery, and it is all housed in a chic, water-resistant collar. It is in the working proto-type stage.

The data being tracked is connected to your cellphone, and it will not only let you know if your dog is too hot or too cold, but it will also allow you to remotely adjust your thermostat

It can also tell you how many steps your son takes throughout the day, whether you should take him for a walk that evening, if he has strayed from the designated play area, where you can find him, and when and where his or your friends are congregating.

It can also light up your son like the Las Vegas Strip when you go for an evening stroll so there is no risk of him being overlooked by a passing car.

Squeaker LED goods already makes the wildly popular Poochlight collar and leads, and they are now prepared to make the Buddy collar at a comparable scale of commercial production.

Of course, if production costs are kept at a minimum, something with more technology than a brand-new Cadillac can only be made accessible to the general public. For this reason, Squeaker is currently fundraising on Kickstarter.

They’ve already decided on their suppliers, and they’ve begun organizing production schedules and procedures. In order to develop the software and hardware to a point where you and I could afford to buy it for our dogs, they need to raise enough money to acquire the collar components at a volume discount.

If you opt to accept this task, it is to donate money to Squeaker’s Kickstarter campaign. You may purchase a Poochlight LED leash for about $40 USD.

You can get the leash and an LED collar for about $60 USD. For a commitment of $180 USD or more, you can get the Buddy LITE collar, which has Bluetooth, a temperature sensor, and App functionality with a full spectrum of lighting effects, so you can truly stand out from the crowd.

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