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Head’s Up, Dog Trainers: Why You Should Treat Humans Like Dogs

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Do you want to train dogs effectively?

Take it from someone who has completed a number of courses. Kevin Roberts requests that you treat your human volunteers the same as you would a Dog Trainers .

My dogs and I both enjoy education. I’m always enrolled in a class or honing a specific talent for a sport with the crew. Since I’ve been taking dog classes in some capacity for more than 20 years, you could say I’m a touch obsessive.

Fortunately, most of my encounters have been incredibly pleasant. And as time has gone on, I’ve learned a few things that I wish professional dog trainers were aware of, which is why I’ve compiled this list of things I’ve discovered as a dog training client.

1. Acquire my name.

Hey, I was named by my mother for a purpose. When you call my name, I sit, lie down, stand, and act dead since she trained me effectively (all for a treat, of course). It is not appropriate to continue referring to me as “Burger’s Dad,” so please learn my name and use it frequently.

2. Determine my enrollment in your class.

We’ll connect once you understand my purpose for being here. This demonstrates my commitment to your program, my completion of assigned work, the success of your class, and everyone’s happiness. It’s a win-win situation here. Remember my objectives, whether they are to get a dog that quits humping the kids’ friends or to win championships in future sporting events.

3. Make contact with me.

I might have fresh inquiries regarding our recent work each time I attend class. You will be much better able to focus in and provide assistance if you take the time to learn about my development without passing judgment.

4. Show me some respect.

This week’s class may be taking place while my thoughts are elsewhere, and you might be silently or not so silently judging me in your gaze. You might conclude from this that I have no business owning a dog or that I’m wasting your time. There, partner, slow down!

Inhale deeply, then unwind. Even if I can only train the dog occasionally in between semesters, I am still going to school and training the dog. Don’t forget that I’m trying my best, which is still better than someone who hasn’t even entered your institution.

5. There are various approaches.

I am a padawan to the jedi master, so teach me all your ways. I’ll utilize the one that makes the most sense to me and my dog, though. I need you to demonstrate a few methods and tricks if the end aim is to get me conversing with my dog while having fun.

The more alternatives I have, the more successful I will be because every person and dog is unique. My dog succeeds more the more successful I am. And the more people ask me in the street or at the park how I was able to teach my dog so successfully, which brings us back to you, the more successful my dog becomes.

6. Explain why.

Could you please explain the significance of my dog learning this skill? I desire a dog that I can live with. If this seemingly stupid practice results in a dog who enjoys having his nails clipped, I’m all for it! You are my go-to expert on this, so elucidate the processes for me so I can understand why they are all crucial.

7. Employ technology I am aware that I am a poor listener.

I will listen nicely if you tell me something and try to figure out what that means. I’ll understand much more quickly if you show me. Whatever I read, I never forget it. Send us the instructions via email, or even better, include instructions in the form of videos and photographs on your site. The more perspectives I have, the more I will comprehend.

8. Handle dogs who are aggressive.

Learning becomes extremely difficult if I’m worried about my safety or the safety of my dog in your class. I appreciate the opportunity you’re offering aggressive dogs to develop social skills with other people and animals. I don’t like how the dog lunges and snaps at me for an hour every week. Spend some time with the people who own the dog so that the rest of us feel secure around it.

9. Congratulate me. decent being!

Everybody enjoys being appreciated! I don’t require stars or gold stickers. Perhaps you could request that I demonstrate the talent for the class, or simply give me a high-five! I’ll work harder and be happier with my dog if you can tell me I’m doing something right. Regardless of the species you are working with, if you identify as a positive trainer, act as such.

What comes after? Please let me know what my alternatives are if I’m finding your classes enjoyable and developing a closer bond with my dog. Let me know what we are prepared for because I might be looking for a different class.

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