Coping with a Golden’s Shedding

Why does Golden’s shedding so much? The culprit is the breed’s thick double coat made up of a plush underlayer and a furry layer on top. It’s that warm and fuzzy undercoat that causes the most mess. While a Golden Retriever sheds lightly throughout the year, as with every double-coated dog, he sheds his usually undercoat in large quantities twice a year.

There’s a long list of things Golden owners love about their dogs. But shedding isn’t one of them.
Cover your furniture: To keep your couches hair free, cover them with washable couch covers.

How to keep shedding under control

Here’s the good news: Some basic grooming and coat maintenance can help control shedding and reduce the amount of Golden Retriever fur that ends up on your carpeting and floating around your house.

  • Brush, brush, brush: A daily brushing works best because it helps to get rid of all of your dog’s loose hair. If you can’t brush him every day, aim for at least two good brushings per week.
  • Give him a bath: Bathing your dog regularly with a rich oatmeal shampoo will help to keep his coat healthy, without leaving his skin dry. A healthy coat is less likely to possess a lot of loose hair to shed.
  • Feed him a high quality diet: A diet that is rich in fatty acids and digestible proteins will keep your dog’s coat strong and healthy, and will help decrease excessive shedding.
  • Vacuum your home daily: In order to keep your home hair free, vacuum on an every day basis. This is the best way to get hair out of your carpet and out from under your couch. As you know, your breed’s distinctive fuzzy hair somehow finds its way onto every surface in your home, from couches to carpets to clothes.

If the degree of shedding your Golden Retriever experiences appears abnormal, or if he has signs of serious skin problems, consult your veterinarian. Medical conditions such as thyroid disease or epidermis allergies can cause excessive shedding. Otherwise, to keep the fur from flying, just practice good grooming and feed your Golden Retriever a nutrient-rich diet.

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