Celebrate Earth Day With Your Dog

Out of all the holidays on the calendar, how many of them can you truly celebrate with your dog? Christmas and Valentine’s Day, yes. But President’s Day, Flag Time, and Labor Day?

One wonderful holiday to add to the “yes” list is Earth Day. It’s a natural! At that time of year, the springtime weather is calling you and your dog outdoors and, with all the current people and other dogs milling about, the world can seem like one big dog park.

Off to the park

Many Earth Day celebrations take place in parks. This makes sense, of course, because in urban areas parks are as close as you can get to a “natural” Earth environment. And large parks can accommodate all the people and dogs that show up to celebrate. But before you head out to the festivities, check to make sure your local event and its venue are usually, indeed, dog friendly.

As with any fun day in the park with your dog, be sure to bring food, water, a leash, and everything you’ll need to clean up after nature calls. Perhaps not. Take a look at all his toys and accoutrements-are they Earth friendly? Some of these “green” products are produced from recycled plastic and easy-to-recycle materials. Some Earth-conscious companies even donate a portion of their profits to environmental organizations.

Other ways to celebrate Mother Earth

Earth Day is the perfect time to consider your dog’s carbon paw print.

Your dog can make a powerful (fashion) statement on Earth Day by dressing for the holiday. There’s a wide range of doggie clothing for sale that features special Earth Day/environmental messages. From slogans like “I’m a natural,” to Earth graphics, these are the type of items that well-dressed dogs wear on Earth Day.

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