Add Canicross to Your Cross Training Routine for Perfect Performance

In order to surpass expectations and reach physical goals, dog owners and their canine athletes work together. If you’re stuck in a cross-training rut, canicross is the next step.

Cross training ,

or practicing two or more sports at once to improve fitness and performance, is more popular than ever. Most people participate in sports like swimming, cycling, and running to challenge their bodies. Dog sports are the same way. If you and your dog only participate in one sport, your progress can stall. If you want to boost your dog’s performance, adding canicross to your exercise regimen is the best option.

In the team sport of canicross, you and your dog compete on the trails. It was first used to train lead dogs for sled teams. When mushing, mushing teams would harness up their lead dogs and take pleasure in watching them practice more confidently. Exercise releases endorphins, and mushers found that running by themselves with their lead dog immediately strengthened their bond. Early canicross pioneers also noted that the mushers believed themselves to be physically fitter. They expanded more quickly as a group and became better at supporting their units. Canicross is not just for sled dogs; it is beneficial to all canines participating in dog sports. Dog handlers and competitors in flyball, agility, herding, hunting, disc, and dock diving benefit from cross-training in canicross.

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The following are just a few advantages of integrating canicross in your cross-training program:

Unlimited Size

All canines who compete in dog sports are welcome to try canicross! A harness and a canicross course will allow a 20-pound Jack Russell to practice pulling without endangering his small frame or his big ego, even though he might not be powerful enough to pull a sled.

There isn’t much equipment needed.

Getting outfitted with canicross gear is simple. All you need are a pair of excellent running shoes, a line with a bungee, and a harness that is comfortably fitted and padded. The minimum setup is perfect if you already participate in dog activities because you’ve probably already spent the majority of your money on equipment.

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Energy depletion

Your athletic dog can be a little challenging to handle on some days. You are aware that keeping your home organized depends on your dog’s training and exercise. However, overtraining in your chosen sport might lead to burnout. With excessive training, your dog’s performance is pushed to the point of weariness or boredom, which can lead to the development of negative traits. Teams that take part in canicross training enjoy the fun and thrill of their chosen sport’s practice sessions while also benefiting from physical activity and mental stimulation for their health. Canicross is a unique form of exercise, thus it still allows for workout while avoiding burnout.

Greater certainty

Through cross training in canicross, dogs can develop confidence that will carry over to other sports. Although canicross is a team sport, the dog usually takes the lead. After getting instructions from the human end, the dog is the first to run down the trail. It takes a confident canine to lead the way. Do you wish to immediately apply greater force to your dog? Canicross will assist in preparing your dog for exercise before you do.

When your dog exercises, so do you.

Do you want to make your agility run go faster? bring the disc game for your dog to the next level? Have you lowered your personal best time on the flyball lane? Canicross is the ultimate form of resistance exercise. Dragging a dog is like jogging while carrying heavy things in canicross. It’s a better workout than a simple free run, and since your dog is attached to you, you can easily control the speed and distance. You are essentially creating the optimal cross-training fitness program. Additionally, as you put more effort into your dog’s fitness, you will become more fit as well. Your team’s performance and best time will almost certainly both increase as a result. You are the main motivator for your dog. If you can increase your on-field performance by entering position a tiny bit earlier than usual, your dog will perform better.

If a disc dogging session leaves you out of breath and on the ground, your dog’s practice time and possibly even their motivation are severely constrained. Dogs pick up on our cues, therefore if you show signs of fatigue or lack of enjoyment, your dog’s performance will be impacted. You owe it to your dog to get in shape.

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