The Evolution of Pet Ownership

Throughout history, animals have played a key role in human life. People have come to depend on animals for food, clothing, and transportation. At many times throughout history, and in many cultures around the world, animals were also the focus of religious worship. Although animals… Read More

How Dogs Digest Food

Your role in the canine digestion process usually involves the “before” and “after.” Here’s a look at what happens in the “during” stage. How Dogs Digest Food? The small intestines are very long, and absorption takes place along its entire length. The components of food… Read More

Your German Shepherd’s Ears

Anyone who remembers Rin Tin, the canine hero of 1950’s television, recalls that famous German Shepherd’s regal silhouette – head erect, muscular body ready for action and, most notably, ears standing straight up. But as many shepherd owners learn, it can take a while for… Read More

Dealing with Grief in Dogs

When your dog mourns the companionship of another dog, it can be heartbreaking. Although it is not known how much dogs understand about death, it’s clear that dogs can become extremely depressed after a companion dies. Give him attention when he is sitting or resting… Read More