Adoptable Dog of the Week – Geno

Geno, this week’s Adoptable Dog of the Week, won’t let anything hold him back. A male adult Chihuahua is looking for his permanent home in Great Bend, Kansas.

He has already been neutered, is housebroken, a purebred with specific needs, has received all of his vaccinations, and gets along well with kids, other dogs, and cats.


The Geno’s Dog Tale


Geno is a four-year-old male Chihuahua that is extremely intelligent. He was left behind at a vet clinic and eventually found his way to us. He did fairly well in his foster home at the time, despite having a few issues we couldn’t quite pinpoint at the time. However, after a few weeks, we did learn that Geno was deaf! Because he is so brilliant and only learns by observation, it was challenging to understand what was happening.

Geno has mastered the hand signals that his foster mother taught him and is progressing well with his leash training. He is engaging with them and learning some canine expressions. Even though he would love to, the cat is simply too grouchy for him to play with. If you’re seeking for a companion in crime and a cuddle/love bug, Geno is your man. All the cuteness from the world, you can find in this dog.

By DogCareTips.Net

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