Adoptable Dog of the Week – The 1: Bacon


When everyone appreciates something, what’s not to appreciate? This is Bacon, the featured Adoptable Dog Of The Week. He is a five-year-old Shepherd and Akita mix from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bacon is healthy; it has already been neutered, housebroken, and inoculated.

Bacon’s Dog Account


Howl loudly! I’m the kind and attractive Bacon, saying hello. Bacon is like a huge love bug. The thing that this darling enjoys most is spending time with his family. If a larger dog tries to sit on your lap, I hope it’s okay. It will just be a fluffy marshmello sitting inside you. Some of Bacon’s ultimate pleasures in life are walking, gnawing on a bone, cuddling with his family, and playing with tennis balls. Bacon is an extremely happy child who is eager to find his forever family. You must come right now and meet Bacon!

You can learn more about adopting Bacon by going to the Humane Society of Huron Valley.

By DogCareTips.Net

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