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5 Important Tips For Hiring a Dog Sitter

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Things to consider while looking for a trustworthy dog sitter. Even if you’re only leaving town for one night, someone needs to watch over your dog . They are not like cats, who can usually survive on their own for the night.

If it’s not you, you need to find or employ someone to temporarily take over your pet parent responsibilities. Dogs need to be let out, walked, fed, and played with. Find a dog sitter now!

Stay away from Craigslist if you don’t want someone to look after your pet family member!

Finding a capable and reliable dog sitter who will stay at your house and make sure that your dog receives the care and attention he requires can be done more effectively. When the time comes to locate a dog sitter, use the following advice to find the best candidate.

References are one of the most important things a dog sitter can have. Make sure they are all positive. Ask other pet owners who they have used in the past or if they know of a sitter that has received positive feedback. A dog sitter with a website will likely have reviews up, but get recommendations from recent customers who are ready to provide you phone references.

Contracts, insurance, and bonding are required for the professional dog sitter you engage.

They must have general liability insurance, which depending on where you live can have limits between $1 and $2 million.

They ought to have supplemental coverage for handling, keeping, or controlling your dog, which is occasionally not covered by general liability insurance. To ensure that your possessions are secure while you are away, the dog sitter should also possess Third-Party Bonding (Protection Against Dishonesty).

All of this must be included in a contract together with the costs, services, and terms and conditions.


Before agreeing to anything, trust your instincts and meet the dog sitter in person. You’ll have anxiety about leaving your dog with a stranger, but you’ll also have a gut feeling about them. What response does your dog have to him or her? Always go with your intuition and choose someone else if you don’t feel secure and at ease with them.

In order for your dog to stay healthy while you’re away, please knock on wood. But in the event that it does, you’ll want to be sure your dog sitter is equipped with the first aid knowledge and abilities necessary to offer or get emergency care and treatment.

CPR instruction, basic first aid instruction, and any other specialized care your dog could require might all fall under this category.

Turn to your friends and family if you are unable to find a professional dog sitter who can accommodate your demands or cannot afford to hire one.

Many of these people would be thrilled to get the opportunity to watch for your dog for a few of nights. Many people, especially those who have pets of their own, would be happy to spend the night at your house or visit your dog, including friends, family members, employees, and neighbors.

Have you ever employed a dog sitter? What did the experience teach you? Do you have any suggestions to add to this list? Feel free to share your advice in the space provided below.

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